GSC Power-Division Stainless Steel STD Size Exhaust Valve for 5.0L Coyote GEN 1/2

GSC Power-Division Stainless Steel STD Size Exhaust Valve for 5.0L Coyote GEN 1/2


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GSC Power-Division Stainless Steel STD Size Head exhaust valves for the 5.0L Coyote GEN 1/2

The GSC offering of exhaust valves for the Ford Coyote feature a 45° valve seat contact angle which differs from the OEM 40° design. Due to this change in the design it will require a valve job to be performed to install these valves for proper sealing and valvetrain geometry.

Our high-performance valves are meticulously designed using advanced 3D modeling and rigorously tested, are engineered for aftermarket excellence

METRIC (MM) 31.75
IMPERIAL (IN) 1.250 4.272

When creating our valves we set out to create the best performance, longest lasting valves available to the aftermarket. Using advanced 3D design and simulation software, we have created a stronger and higher flowing valve head design. We flow test prototype valve heads in the specific applications to make sure we have the highest flowing valve head available on the market. With the materials used, we have less valve distortion at the face than any of the tested designs. Less distortion allows for better sealing under extreme conditions and more consistent performance throughout the life of the valve.

Valve Features:

  • Back Cut Design: Strategically reduces valve weight, enabling higher RPMs.
  • Micro-Polished Valve Stems: Minimizes oil retention on the stem, reducing drag for a smoother motion within the guide.
  • Premium Material: Exhaust valves are crafted from modified 23-8n stainless steel for exceptional strength and performance.
  • Advanced Valve Tips: Hardened or fused with a stellite wafer tip, ensuring extended life and minimal wear, maintaining proximity to the rocker or valve tappet within 5 Rockwell C.
  • Balanced Keeper Groove: Precisely adjusted to balance intake and exhaust spring pressures, minimizing the need for valve spring shims. This optimization maximizes performance from our spring and retainer kits.
  • Compatibility: Our valves seamlessly work with OEM keeper/lock systems. While not mandatory, we advise against reusing any valve lock on performance applications due to potential material grooving.
  • Quality: Backed by GSC Power-Division's commitment to quality and performance.